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'... as a viewer, I needed to feel what the dancers were going through and it worked well...' (Malcolm Keen, Pulse magazine)

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Representing a constant shift, Flux encompasses the ever-changing nature of situations, associations and relationships.

Originally commissioned for Fuse Medway Festival 2010.

Choreography Urja Desai Thakore

Dance: Visha Tailor | Pranav Yagnik | Zena Kukreja | Sanjay Shetty | Parbati Chaudhury | Urja Desai Thakore

Music: Atul Desai; re-worked by Ed Alton

Supporters: Fuse Medway Festival

Performances: Fuse Medway Festival 2010 | Akademi’s YUVA: Clore Ballroom, London

Image Credit: Jagdeep Shah

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