Our Students.. Our Pride!!

They say a guru is known by his/her students and we couldn’t agree more. Our students continue to outperform themselves and it gives PDC immense pride to nurture individual artists, who are making their own marks in the field of dance. This post is a big shout out to our students Astha Desai, Meera Patel, Mira Salat, Parbati Chaudhry, Priyanka Chauhan and Shyam Dattani, who are all doing significant works in their area of interests and continue to redefine the Kathak art form through innovation and modernity. Their work ranges from working across the art forms to creating sensitive work for vulnerable audiences. 

It is gratifying to see them make their own pathways through their hard work and PDC is super proud of their achievements and recognition in the dance arena. Well done guys! Keep shining and keep making us proud!!!