Back to the Studio

Finally, we are back to the studios!!

2020 was a year of unprecedented ‘firsts’ thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, with video calls being one of the surprise finds of the pandemic. Like everybody else, Pagrav Dance Company adapted to the need of the time and successfully switched to conducting classes online. Whilst this has helped us continue serving our purpose, virtual classes cannot be the substitute for disciplines such as performing arts that require personal interaction. We have missed dancing with our students in person and it has been an absolute delight to welcome them back to our studios.

Our studios, both in Milton Keynes and in Queensbury, London are our pride, our space where we nurture young talent and collaborate to produce unique performances. We look forward to creating many more enthralling experiences for all, starting with our biennial showcase in 2021, details of which will be shared in due course. And in case you are not aware, our Queensbury, London studio is also available for hire. Information on how to book our studio is available on our join in page.