Pagrav Dance Company enhances and changes lives through the transformative power of dance. We teach, promote and present Kathak in its purest form as a classical dance technique, and at the same time, through contemporary production values and cross-disciplinary collaboration, challenge its traditional artistic boundaries

Summer Highlight

Our latest production Deva is now available! Deva is a collaboration between Urja Desai Thakore & Hetain Patel. Deva seeks to question & challenge subconscious biases towards brown skin. This collaboration will explore a playful & engaging way to present & invite the unsuspecting public to rethink what they think when they come across a South Asian performer, moving through classical dance movements to classical music.

More details of our latest production will be available soon.

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Over a 6-month period, Pagrav will support and enable a new generation of South Asian artists to exp


We encourage students to think independently from early on in their training in order to foster a healthy culture of creativity.

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